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Bravo ASMH Executive Committee Member

Penny Kaye Jensen, DNP, FNP-C, FAAN, FAANP named The 2017 Towers Pinnacle Award Recipient by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

The award is presented annually to an individual who, through policy, practice, or education, has made outstanding contributions resulting in increased national recognition for NPs and increased opportunities for NPs to provide care to patients.



ASMH thanks and congratulates Michael Lutz, MD, for his support of men’s health in coordinating the 2nd annual, highly successful, BLUE MONDAY in Detroit!

Check out these ideas!

Blue Monday Men’s Health
Campus Martius Detroit
June 12, 2017
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Blue Monday Deck 2017
Blue Monday Campus Martius


Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt and the Drive for Men’s Health team have just completed their 2017 road trip!

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Why become a member of the ASMH? You will have the opportunity to join a movement of physicians and other providers from multiple disciplines that are dedicated to the health of men! As a member of the ASMH, you are provided valuable benefits that are focused on helping build upon your knowledge of men’s health and advancing your career. Discounted registration fees, career advice, and networking opportunities are just a few benefits! Click here to learn more!

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FDA approves new changes to testosterone labeling regarding the risks associated with abuse and dependence of testosterone and other anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). Click here to learn more!


ASMH Past President, Martin Miner, MD, shares crucial men’s health facts!

Urology Care Foundation – Ep. 1: Crucial Men’s Health Facts with Dr. Martin Miner

Follow the link above to watch the Podcast!

Highlighted Member Benefits

urology-health-storeASMH has teamed up with the Urology Health Store to provide our patients with a 10% discount and free shipping on various high quality healthcare products that are most commonly recommended for patients suffering from ED, PE, BPH, OAB or Prostate Cancer. ASMH will receive a commission on all items sold when the discount coupon code ASMH is used. Please help support your society by encouraging your patients to visit the website.

Men’s Health, or any gender-based medicine, is not “owned” by any single specialty or provider. It requires cross-pollination of multiple specialties and we continue to learn and grow from all.

Martin Miner, MD

Family Medicine