of the
American Society for Men’s Health
Constitution – Structure, Mission and Affiliations

  1. The Society is incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization in the state of Maryland as an association of professionals interested and currently involved in the advancement of health for American adult males.
  2. The Society’s mission and goals include the following:
    1. active promotion, encouragement and support for the highest standards of clinical practice, scientific research, and medical ethics related to study, diagnosis and treatment of men’s health conditions and concerns;
    2. advocacy for advancement of men’s health in the public arena;
    3. serving as a resource for information on men’s health issues;
    4. providing a forum for exchange and discussion of scientific advances and learned opinion related to men’s health issues;
    5. furnishing a network for dissemination and timely exchange of professional information related to men’s health issues; and
    6. providing leadership to address public health policies and social conditions affecting men’s health in the future.
      The Society’s membership shall be open to all medical and affiliated professionals who share the Society’s goals, and who meet the current membership requirements.
  3. The Society is affiliated with the American Urological Association Education and Research, Inc.
  4. The Society is affiliated also with the International Society of Men’s Health and with the Foundation for Men’s Health, and shares the goals and strategies of those organizations.
  5. The Society may also affiliate with other organizations sharing its mission, including international, regional and ethnic societies, and specialty societies concerned with men’s health. The Society Board of Directors shall determine the criteria and terms of each affiliation.


Article I. Members. The Society shall have the following classes of members: Active, Members in Training, Honorary and Industry. Only Active Members shall have voting rights, and be eligible to serve as Officers or Members of the Society Board of Directors. The membership criteria and requirements, the periodic dues, and the available benefits for each class of Members shall be established from time to time by the Society Board of Directors. The term of each Member shall be one year, subject to renewal.

  1. Active Membership is open to Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathy, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and PhD researchers all who provide or contribute to the advancement of patient care, and other professionals who focus and promote men’s health policy in their work in government or public organizations.
  2. Residents/Fellows/Students shall include individuals currently enrolled in medical or nursing school, in residency or other graduate training related to men’s health.
  3. Honorary Members shall be designated by the Board of Directors in recognition of significant contributions to the understanding or advancement of men’s health.
  4. Industry Members shall include companies or individuals (including media sources) interested in men’s health issues, who have demonstrated a willingness to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts, related to men’s health issues.
  5. Voting Status. Active Members shall be entitled to serve as voting members of the Board and committees and at the business meeting.
  6. Membership Approvals. New members shall be approved by the Membership Committee or subset of the Board of Directors pursuant to requirements and review as determined by the Board of Directors. All new members will be ratified at the Annual Business Meeting.

Article II. Board of Directors. All matters of Society policy and operations shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of no more than Thirteen Active Members, to be elected for staggered two-year terms by a majority vote of the Board. An effort shall be made to achieve diversity and to have the Board reflect ASMH membership.

Article III. Officers. Four officers shall be elected from among the Board of Directors, namely a President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary/Treasurer.

  1. Terms of Office shall be two years for the President, President-Elect and Immediate Past President, and three years for the Secretary/Treasurer. Officers shall not be eligible for re-election to an office previously served.
  2. Duties of Office shall be those traditionally delegated to those officers.

Article IV. Committees. The Board of Directors shall establish and populate such committees as may be necessary, including the following, which shall be standing committees:

  1. Executive Committee consisting of the four Officers, who shall administer the affairs of the Society between meetings of the Board of Directors. Decisions and major actions of the Executive Committee shall be presented for ratification at the next meeting of the Board.
  2. Membership Committee whose role shall be to encourage, screen and recommend new
  3. Education Committee which shall recommend educational policies to the Board of Directors, and shall initiate educational programs, activities and publications for the Society and for affiliated institutions.
  4. Audit Committee which shall annually review and report on the Society’s financial affairs to the Board of Director and membership.
  5. Nominating Committee–the membership of which shall be broadly representative of the membership — which shall annually recruit, recommend and nominate Officers and members of the Board of Directors as terms expire.

The Chair of each Committee shall be appointed by the Society President. All Committee members shall serve for a term of three years (which initially, shall be staggered). Members of the Board of Directors shall be eligible to serve (and encouraged to serve) on one or more Society Committees.

Article V. Meetings. The Society shall convene the following meetings, by notice sent electronically or by mail to all Active Members, and to other Members as appropriate:

  1. An annual meeting to include an Annual Business Meeting, at which Officers and new members shall be elected to the Board of Directors, and these Bylaws may be amended;
  2. Periodic scientific meetings for free exchange of ideas regarding men’s health issues, including critical scientific inquiry, peer review, and promotion of the highest ethical standards.
  3. Meetings of the Board of Directors at least four times each year, at the call of the President. Meetings may be held by teleconference; however, at least one meeting each year will be in person.
  4. Special meetings as necessary for the conduct of urgent business. The notice to call such meetings should state the business to be conducted, and the meeting shall be restricted to the issues so noted.

Official notice of the time, place and agenda of the Annual Business Meeting shall be provided at least thirty (30) days before the Meeting. Assuming that adequate notice of the Annual Business Meeting has been given to the voting members pursuant to these Bylaws, there shall be no quorum requirement at that Meeting.

The Board of Directors may in their discretion approve the acceptance of electronic or proxy votes for Officers or Board members.

The conduct of all meetings shall be prescribed by the President, Committee Chair, or other presiding officer.

Article VI. Official Publication

The Journal of Men’s Health shall be the official journal of the Society.

Miscellaneous Matters.

  1. Members of the Board of Directors may be appointed as liaison to affiliated organizations, and shall report to the Board on the activities of each affiliated entity.
  2. Dues shall be assessed of all Members at a level deemed reasonable from time to time by the Board of Directors, to finance the Society’s activities and to assure its solvency. Nonpayment of dues shall be grounds for termination of membership.
  3. The Board of Directors may adopt appropriate rules and policies regarding conflicts of interest. Disciplinary sanctions may be imposed for conflicts or other breaches of ethical behavior, consonant with due process of law.

Approved December 7, 2014